A Few Kind Words Stretch a Long Way
April 30, 2019

The Luminaries, a support organization for Torrance Memorial Medical Center, introduced the Links of Love initiative during Holiday Festival 2017. The group invited festival attendees to make a contribution personalized with a handwritten message. Messages were then delivered to hospital patients and also included in a paper link chain that decorated various units to spread holiday cheer.

“The Links of Love was a surprise hit among the Holiday Festival patrons,” says Debbie Uba, former Luminaries president. “People really went out of their way to write heartfelt messages.”

The group encouraged even those who did not make a purchase to participate with a quick note of inspiration. Through this outpouring, the chain grew rapidly and by the end of the week, the chain was long enough to wrap around the table displays, walls and ceiling of the Children’s Marketplace booth.

With its success the Luminaries have continued Links of Love as part of their Holiday Festival Children’s Marketplace effort.

The Links of Love chain decorates various hospital units to spread holiday cheer.